Tuesday, December 9, 2014

SOUNDBOX: Inaugural Performance with MTT and the San Francisco Symphony

I’m thrilled to be one of the guest soloists for the inaugural performance of Soundbox. It’s an exciting new venture, bringing world class musicians from the San Francisco Symphony and Symphony Chorus together in an unconventional performance space, while creating a totally immersive experience for the senses. 

The acoustical environment will be altered for each piece of music by the wizards at Meyer Sound Laboratories, so the audience will be able to hear each piece in the acoustical environment it was meant for. There will be changing lights and projected art on huge screen panels, as well as an interesting menu of bites and cocktails, in a rehearsal hall that’s been transformed into a swanky night club. 

I’m most excited that this is my first time singing with Michael Tilson Thomas, and working with SF Symphony. He’s such a generous and collaborative Maestro, and an immensely gifted artist. I’m honored to be part of this project, and have loved watching it take shape. Here are some details...

What is SoundBox?

"In the small entry room, you move past a curtain, through an unknown door. There’s a teasing view—some kind of installation fills a sunken space. It's like you scored a backstage pass. Time to explore.

Turn the corner, find the bar: there’s craft cocktails and small bites. Video projections flash on the walls. All eyes go to the stage, ready for the show to start.

And then the music. Live music—it’s just so good. Pounding beats, otherworldly chants come from all corners of the space. Close your eyes: it sounds like you're in a cathedral, and then an underground club. Unique and stimulating and totally different."  - from sfsoundbox.com

Here are some photos from the SoundBox Facebook page:  

I promise you, it's even more stunning in person... 
The lights, the seating, the feel, the sounds - truly inspiring.

As curator of this exciting new series, Michael Tilson Thomas writes:

“This first concert will have music that goes all the way back to the Middle  Ages, to some of the most luscious and impressionistic periods of music, to some completely off-the-wall works by Meredith Monk and John Cage. Some of music will take the volume level of the room to its absolute limit, and some will be on the threshold of audibility."  - from hoodline.com

I'll be doing a follow-up post, after the performance. In the meantime, here's a pre-rehearsal dressing room selfie, from Davies Symphony Hall. :-)

More soon! 

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