Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WORKING OUT! Fitness and the singer.

Thinking on the topics of physical fitness and opera singing, I find a lot of overlap between the two worlds. Singers need to have great stamina and must stay well in order to navigate the difficulties of a stage career. Mental focus is important in both athletics and singing: mentally preparing for a great workout or football game is as important as focusing before a performance or an audition. I'm finding that in order to do anything well, it takes a great deal of physical AND mental presence. 

The singers I talk to that have incorporated a serious fitness regime into their lives always remark on how it changes and focuses them. The physical changes are obvious, but it's the internal, mental shift that I'm really finding fascinating. The singers that can show up for themselves, by dedicating part of their time to their minds/bodies outside of singing, tend to have more drive, focus, and creative juice than those who don't. The mind/body connection is real, and singers are athletes at their physical and animal core. We work with our bodies to create something. That's a real incentive to keep the body healthy and happy. 

Mid-set, at Gold's Gym, Oakland, CA.

Determination, and focus are elements that drive our creative processes. These are the same elements I tap into when I'm trying to accomplish a set with the weights, or trying to find the best way to convey a phrase of Verdi. 

What are your thoughts? Who has a personal story to share? I'd love to hear it!

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  1. I'd like to thank Zachary for helping me incorporate losing weight and singing! Singing requires sooo much physicality that I think all singers should be as active as possible. How are you suppose to sing a high note if you can't engage your core? And yes, I do think that people who are focused on their singing are also focused on staying healthy and in shape. It's not just looking your best, but being able to be physical on stage, travel everywhere, be out networking and hitting the pavement which requires you to be healthy!