Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Latest news, Opening Night at West Bay Opera, Taminophile interview, and more...

I have a lot of links to share with you!

Here's one that looks ahead.

Oakland East Bay Symphony 2011-2012 Season announcement in the San Jose Mercury:

Opening night at West Bay Opera was a miracle. Not only did the cast, chorus, orchestra, crew, and everyone else really pull it together (this production wasn't going to happen...), we actually put on a good show, despite some coordination issues with some of the substitute players in the pit. Thrown into the mix was my physical condition. What I thought was a bad case of allergies, turned out to be a throat infection. I stayed away from my cast mates, and warned everyone what might be going on. It was just plain scary to sing a performance with basically no voice. Add to that the staging, acting, choreography, heavy monster's head on a spear, etc... and you're begging for a disaster. The disaster never came. We all got through with some kind of dignity, and my stellar technique (thank you Olivia Stapp, Carol Vaness, Sheri Greenawald, et al...) made possible a mediocre performance which could have been a hot mess. We got a couple less than kind reviews on SFCV and Opera Tattler, which have been receiving an interesting little backlash from the community. The Sunday performance was saved, courtesy Dr. Scheibel and Nurse Marbley (congrats on the graduation!!). Endless thanks! Antibiotics work wonders, and I was operating at 90% after one day of treatment. 

Here's a review: 

I hope more critics come to the final weekend (this weekend - get your tickets!) and write about it. Watching Cathleen do these two roles in rapid succession is worth AT LEAST the price of the ticket. I have wonderful colleagues in this production. Very proud.

OK... More pics from this production soon!! 

Next on the agenda...

Taminophile is an online opera magazine, which approached me to do an interview. I had some great questions to answer. If you have several minutes, give it a look. Here it is:

Barihunks has also sent around a couple recent postings involving me. 

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More soon!

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